Energy bills are a headache when you don’t understand them. Maintaining a good lifestyle became challenging as people faced financial instability. In such hard times, when corona virus has severely affected the economy, saving money through energy bills is a great place to start becoming financially stable.

If you’re one of such people too, we’ve compiled some helpful tips for managing your energy bills.

The first thing you could do is call the retailer. The providers are lawfully obliged to provide you with a hardship policy. If you don’t find it on their website, call them and ask for a copy.

Your energy provider will help you with the bills. They may suggest different payment methods for bills or an accurate energy plan for you. They may also guide you about how you can minimise your energy usage.

Your retailer may well tell you about government laws regarding concessions. However, if they do not, you should read about concessions, relief schemes, energy rebates, or counseling sessions concerning your finances.

Lastly, finalise a plan with your retailer. Try to stick with it by paying the required amount within the time limit, or else you’ll have to bear consequences such as late fees, or worse, disconnection.

Regardless if you can manage to pay the entire bill or not; one should always save energy. Here are some smart ways to reduce your energy bill;

  • Set your cooling between 18°C and 20°C
  • Set your heating between 25°C and 27°C
  • Turn off all appliances when you’re not using them (don’t place them on standby/sleep mode only)
  • Reduce usage of washing machine by completing larger loads once a week, and dryers by hanging clothes indoors if wet outside
  • Reduce usage of iron by hanging out business shirts to dry on clothes hangers
  • Switch off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using

Around 40% of home energy goes to heating/cooling operations. While we’re stuck at home, we can find smart ways to use energy as little as possible. Studies show that every time you increase a degree in your heating/cooling operation, almost 5-10% of energy gets utilised.

Since quarantine has shifted everyone’s work to home, it’s easier to save energy. How? You can quickly reduce the usage of washing machines and dryers at home. If you’re attending online meetings/classes, you don’t have to iron the whole dress.

You don’t have to attend many parties now that Covid-19 has forced everyone to isolate. So, appliances like hair straighteners and blow-dryers that consume an ample amount of energy are used less.

The Australian Energy Regulator has set some energy companies’ expectations to ensure households and business customers’ protection during Covid-19. However, if you don’t see a solution after talking to your present retailer, consider switching to another energy provider as an option.

Managing energy bills in such crucial times can be a challenging task. However, if you handle energy smartly, it can help you with savings and a balanced financial situation.